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You need to express your ideas or understand a document in a foreign language? We will help you! Juggling English, Polish, and French on a daily basis, and eagerly adding other languages to the basket, we skillfully translate messages from one language to another. We specialise in scientific and medical translation, with a particular passion for oncology and cancer research, virology, molecular biology and diagnostics, and public health.


Writer’s block? Impossible to shorten or extend your manuscript according to the journal guidelines? Not with us! We offer extensive scientific publication support in English, from simple proofreading to comprehensive manuscript revising and (re)writing. We can also compile some data, advise on result presentation, or draft the required document for you. Just check whether your subject matter matches our expertise!


A variety of trainings for scientists, medical doctors, technical translators and interpreters…

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Working in a multinational team, collaborating with partners from different countries, relocating abroad? There is much to discover and quite some potential for misunderstandings and confusions. Do not risk, learn how to turn the cultural differences to your advantage! Driven by our passion for travelling across continents and cultures, and rich with our own professional experience, we offer workshop trainings to this effect. They are are fully customised, i.e. we will tailor the workshop entirely for you.

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HOT TOPIC: the new coronavirus and COVID-19

Hard to understand? We help you decipher some of the statements.

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in April 2021

Online CPD training

Introduction to viruses

for translators & interpreters

pour La Société Française

des Traducteurs (SFT)

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Communicating is a always challenge. And even more so when it comes to explaining complex scientific issues. And yet, communicating remains an essential part of our lives and careers.  Are you sure you are getting your message heard over the noise? 

Science communicators of all stripes, we are here to make it easier for  you!  

Scientists, medical doctors, scientific and medical translators - Science to the Point offers a wide range of high-quality services tailored right for your needs.