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An interactive workshop which presents molecular techniques used for diagnosing cancer but also other diseases, as well as for determining the most effective treatment regimens. It is designed for translators and interpreters who already have some basic knowledge from the field of cancer biology. For those who are new to the field, it is recommended to take the Introduction to cancer course first.


Translators and interpreters who have some knowledge of the cancer field and some experience translating related documents or who have participated in our “Introduction to cancer” workshop, and whose working languages include English and French. Those translating from other languages into English may also benefit by building a knowledge and vocabulary base from the field in the English language.

Maximum 12 persons per group.


dates to discuss (suggested duration: two days)

your premises or Archamps Technopole, Archamps, France (15 min from the Geneva International Airport)




If they engage fully with the programme, the participants will end up understanding the basics of molecular diagnostic techniques and will have constituted an advanced level database of vocabulary and document templates  that are most commonly used in the field. Even though the examples and translation exercises will be related to cancer, the acquired vocabulary and knowledge shall be useful when working with any texts on molecular techniques, also from other disciplines (e.g. infectious disease or prenatal diagnostics).


The course is a combination of short scientific presentations on cancer and practical exercises (group activities) tailored specifically for translators. The workshop formula assumes active involvement of the participants who will not only hear but also write and talk about molecular diagnostics. In addition to the group course, the trainer will be available for at least one extra hour per day for individual tutorials and discussions.


The course covers the following issues:

- The basics of molecular diagnostics – biological molecules and their properties

- Extraction and storage of biomolecules

- What and why we seek to detect in cancer – cancer biomarkers

- Most popular cancer molecular diagnostic techniques

- Molecular techniques for personalised medicine

- Various texts on cancer molecular diagnostics – templates and typical phrasing


Katarzyna Szymańska, Science to the Point

Katarzyna Szymańska holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (specialty: cancer) and a postgraduate study diploma in languages and translation (specialty: English). She has extensive experience in cancer research as well as translation and editing of scientific documents, on both national (public and private) and international (WHO) level. She has contributed to the Encyclopedia of Cancer, Third Edition, by Elsevier (2019). In line with her international spirit, she has worked with people of different languages and cultures, in various contexts. As a university teacher, she has been involved in educational (knowledge transfer) programmes in developing countries and in other international exchanges. Through the workshop on cancer she wishes to share her scientific knowledge and communication expertise in the complex cancer field she is passionate about in order to facilitate understanding and collaboration between people of different backgrounds contributing to a common goal of curbing cancer.


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