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from English, French, German, or Polish

into  English or Polish

A classic service of translating your text from one language to another.


in English or Polish

A basic linguistic correction of your text (spelling, grammar, and phraseology). Each sentence of your document will be correct but it does not guarantee that your text as a whole will read smoothly.


in English or Polish

A linguistic correction as well as an adaptation of vocabulary, style, register, and form. Your text will not only be written in correct language but also perfectly adapted to the context and requirements of your readers.


in English or Polish

*This service can also be combined with a translation of your materials from French or Polish into English

Extensive help in writing your research manuscripts.  You choose the results you want to publish, you provide a very  basic draft of your  paper  (notes,  protocols,  result compilations) and we put it all into a clear  well-written   article.   This  service  is limited to disciplines and topics we are scientifically competent in and involves close interactions. We do not take responsibility for the choices you make for your work but we advice you on how to present it best and we check for the logic of your scientific argumentation. Like for all services, we guarantee full confidentiality.

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